Eggs of Peace

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Eggs of Peace
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Eggs of Peace
by Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu (St. Ifa) & Agharowu E. E (Honsbira)

Eggs of Peace riotously launches a peace garden where songs are the plants. Grown from seeds, it hatches into peace, which the world pitifully lacks. Hatched to fruits, it assuages the thirst of all humans whose creed is true love and consistent peace for all.

Its realistic quantum is dual: one part of the book makes use of pieces of Shakespeare to produce peace sonnets whose heights and consistency ally with Shakespeare. Described by onlookers as possibly surpassing Milton, Keats, Spencer and even Shakespeare, the sonnets in this book suffer a major fault, perhaps. Their figures of speech appears to be too much dont they?

And part two? Here haikus, wrapped in their characteristic blankets of thesis, antithesis and synthesis are used as an elastic go-to-hell to harvest peace peace grown to fruits by the sonnets aforesaid. In their manifestation pneumaticos as fluid for the soul, and physical quality as food for the body, the haikus in this collection grips with Lord Behshu and Lord Basho of the East. Like the sonnets, these haikus are all caudal.

About the Author: Augustine Oritseweyinmi Oghanrandukun Olomu (St. Ifa) is a prolific writer, a Yogi, a high priest of Ogunden, and interested in meditation and martial arts. He read political science at first degree level and political philosophy at second. An Isekiri-Yoruba, he hails from Oguanja-Ugbege (Sapele), a settlement of Ugbege.

Agharowu E E (Honsbira) holds a bachelors degree in religion. His additional knowledge from his Masters degree engagement in same (a study made mostly of deep thinking and writing, relating his mind to Gods to produce theories to no end) perhaps explains why a man could write these thousand haikus in ten days! Honsbira hails from Deghele in Nigeria.

(2015, Paperback, 274 pages)