EHSAAS - A Feeling

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EHSAAS - A Feeling
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EHSAAS - A Feeling
by Sumil K. Nair

The world is a complex place. Global events strengthen the interdependence of biological society and the emotions we feel every day become the lens with which we view the ever-changing environment around us.

With the swirl of occurrences that occur in flashes and the rapidness with which we experience life, it is important that we take a moment and slow down. Slow down and take it all in. Write it down, draw it, sing it, play it, talk about it, dream it.

This book is the musings and thoughts of a boy from a town in New Jersey who saw that the only way he could accept reality was by writing it down. He wrote down all of the ups, the downs, the wars, the times of peace, the heaven, and the hell. This is how Sumil K. Nair views the world around him.

How do you see the world?

About the Author:

Sumil K. Nair is a senior at Bridgewater-Raritan High School in New Jersey. Ever since he was a child he was an observer. He looked at the world from all angles, with questions filling up his mind. EHSAAS - A Feeling is his view of the environment inside him and around him

Nair looks at the world and sees problems, but at the same time he sees beautiful hope. Hope that we can come together and overcome our petty differences and reach something greater. Nair writes his thoughts down so he never forgets, so he learns from what he feels and what the world has gone through. He firmly believes that we must learn from the past in order to mend the future, with the present as the vessel of change. He likes to believe in the goodness of people. He knows that the belief he holds now will surely become reality.

(2015, Paperback, 84 pages)