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by Carleen Shea

The book starts in 1931 with Emily Jones and her two young children sitting beside the road in her broken-down car with a flat tire. She has no money, no tire patches, and no food. She is on her way to Virginia to live with her sister and husband. She and the children walk up to the nearest farmhouse to ask for help and something to eat and never leave.

This starts a five-generation saga about the Brown and Morrison families. It includes a subtle love story, historical events, and many of my own family stories and happenings. Even though the brunt of the Depression was on my parents, I well remember some of the economies my mother used. She tore apart an old coat someone had given her to make me a coat for Easter. By the time she got to the sleeves, there was only enough for short sleeves. I was ten years old and terribly embarrassed by the coat and wore it once: to church on Easter Sunday. I never did know why she didnt make a short coat with long sleeves. It follows through to 1982, when Emily and Donald are in their early eighties.

About the Author

I was born near St. Johns, Michigan, in February 1929, just seven months before the Stock Market Crash, which started the Great Depression. Parents of that era were the real victims. I could have cared less that my younger sister and I had only barn cats to play with. I think it helped me develop an imagination.

I am a widow of thirty-four years with five grown children. I followed my son and daughter to Marietta, Georgia, when I retired and never looked back. I broke my neck in August 2007, and the only thing I could do much of was writing. My son put my computer desk up on blocks so I wouldnt have to move my head with the Halo on it, and it was about the only productive thing I could do. I got my first computer in 1999 and have been writing ever since.

(2008, paperback, 176 pages)