Ending the Shame: Transforming Public Education So It Works for All Students

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Ending the Shame: Transforming Public Education So It Works for All Students
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Ending the Shame: Transforming Public Education So It Works for All Students
by Barbara Oehlberg

Recognizing the dilemma of public educations failure to resolve the achievement gap and drop out crisis for disadvantaged students, Barbara has realized teachers alone cannot resolve this dilemma. Policy makers must commit to taking a leadership role in forging school reform. This publication outlines why and how our nation can address these challenges by transforming public education into a trauma-informed system that meets the learning needs of stressed and anxious students. Using current neuroscience is the basis for an educational reform that integrates trauma knowledge and brain development into building school climate protocols and teaching techniques that assures emotional security and self-regulation skills are guaranteed for all students. Relationships become the primal issue for building effective learning environments. This unique book includes the format, guidelines, classroom activities, and the description of a successful program that constitute a trauma-informed education system and closes with advocacy recommendations.

About the Author

Barbaras life has been focused on children, starting with her own seven, followed by the masters program in Child Development. She then joined the Family Life Program of Cleveland Public Schools where she worked with the families of elementary students and taught Child Assault Prevention to teachers and pupils. In 1983, she wrote a program for Ohio Governor R. Celeste titled Parenting for Peaceful Families and began to address non-violence education. Upon retirement in 1997 she became a certified Child Trauma Consultant through the Institute for Trauma & Loss in Children and has intensely followed research on how early trauma alters brain development. She has facilitated over one hundred in-services to schools and agencies across Ohio on the educational needs of distressed students, which is the basis of her two previous publications.

Barbara finds gardening and the woods behind her home as a source of renewing.

(2012, paperback, 104 pages)