Endor: The Curse of Targum's Gem

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Endor: The Curse of Targum's Gem
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Endor: The Curse of Targums Gem
by C.S. Witcher

Elizabeth Stone is brought to the world of Endor after finding strange cards. A dark wizard ruling over Targums castle threatens Elizabeths life. Shes guided through Endors magical land of wizards, witches and elves by Oggie, her helping hand. But, after learning that in order to free herself from the labyrinths snare she must first put together two and two to beat the hands of her enemies, shes quickly turned towards the lead of a snubby sorcerer whose goal it is to win.

Elizabeths problem comes in once she discovers that its her reflection she must not lose in order to keep everything she stumbled into the forest with. Along with the light of Targums gem as a guide, shell be in for more of a treat by its ghostly spirit than expected. Shell just have to do her best not to let anything shatter her mirror because it could be her only door to return home

About the Author:

Corinthian S. Witcher was born and raised in Northern Virginia. He enjoys playing the piano and his hobbies are fishing and trains. His inspiration to write this book has stemmed solely from his personal experiences in battling in the war of life. He has been presented with many negative challenges, though what makes his different from any others is that he experienced them as having a great vision of his own problems being the light to the world and those it would soon face. He comes with a great message and believes now is the time of divine revelation. What better way to show you what hes seen than through a series of wonderful childrens books? The war he has dreamt of has many tricks and it would be necessary for his followers to discover its great secret. The secret is indeed real and just as sure as there is a true way of life, there so in this story what's called the un-narrow path. A wide dark road leading to a terrible place that he has been fortunate enough to avoid. Try it out Discover for yourself if indeed the numbers lie or the cards of Targums game do really tell the truth. Your curiosity could cause you to become a winner to an unexpected surprise.

(2017, Paperback, 224 pages)