Enhanced Life Through Sobriety - eBook

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Enhanced Life Through Sobriety - eBook

Enhanced Life Through Sobriety
by Scott M. Splendido

Enhanced Life Through Sobriety is a compilation of recovery and spirituality-based concepts, expressions, and meditations creating a daily reflection book. Each original notion, along with an accompanying prayer, has been individualized by a numbered day. Appropriately, each daily conception is to be attuned with and incorporated into a calendar date upon the advent of its necessity at a later time.

The primary goal behind this effort is to provide the reader with thought-provoking, enlightening, genuine, and personalized success-promoting perspectives on the ideologies encompassing a program of addiction recovery. This literary piece will offer its audience the opportunity to embrace the crucial theory of a higher power without necessitating it to be “God” definitively. As well, the depictions of each premise in this undertaking will be authored by an accomplished member of a recovery program, thus granting the consumers thought processes which can only be attained through personal experience.

About the Author:

Scott M. Splendido currently resides in Dutchess County, New York. The A.A program in this locale has become an integrally woven part of his life for approximately four years. Outside of having a difficult start, acquiring success in this personal pursuit has materialized, essentially, throughout the advent of entering the program. It was not until the genuine application of the required effort and the sincere implementation of the program’s principles, did victory over cross-addiction occur.

Splendido’s experiences and rewards of the institution have provided for this book. As an accomplished individual in recovery, a legitimate group member, and a sponsor, the commitment upheld for this effort has allowed for the appropriate absorption of the programs material and process in which it entails. Splendido, wishing to now fulfill an aspiration impeded upon by addiction, provides with utter sincerity and gratitude, now in sobriety, that this personal undertaking be given an opportunity to come to fruition. Having spent a higher educational learning career as an English/Writing major at Mercy College, New York, maintaining a flawless GPA throughout and with the ultimate goal of becoming a writer, it has been with absolute regret that this endeavor was never achieved due to enslavement to addiction. Thus, self-discontentment, sorrow, and disappointment have prompted the desire to now make a conceivable attempt at satisfying this once possessed pursuit.

(2017, eBook)