Escape to Paradise

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9080-5
Escape to Paradise
by Louise M. Monney The author came up with the topic Escape to Paradise when she was asked to write her first essay in college. The author viewed Canada as a place of paradise from prior knowledge gained through studies. Though she had applied for her landed status to come to Canada, she never waited for the papers to process before she accepted the offer from an evil man who won her through deception. She had one child from the horrific entanglement, and only her religious belief and love for God resulted in her survival. She dabbled with her spirituality and proved that God was in fact a deliverer who restored her health and her two boys. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Louise M. Monney is a Jamaican-born Canadian and a scholar of Seneca College of Arts and Technology and York University. She is now presently pursuing further studies in Adult Education at Seneca College and Brock University. She also has a certificate course in Spanish in progress at Seneca College and is considering pursuit of French when she has completed the certificate course in Spanish. Ms. Monney studies English in the University and that helps to enhance her desire and dream to develop her skills in writing this book. She loves to read other peoples autobiographies and finds joy in writing her own. Her inclination is to be a good writer. (2006, paperback, 92 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.