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by Margaret Seiders-Metz

It is hard to believe that these calm waters that we swim in, fish and cruise on with our pontoons and boats, would turn against us with its swift currents, dragging everything in its path along the way to destruction, leaving the victims suffering from the horrible disaster of flooding. It is useless to fight those swift, dangerous currents since they have strength of their own that no human can beat.

The flooding water destroys houses, trees, boats, piers, even the heavy appliances and furniture inside our flooded homes. The damage one is left with is unbelievable and very depressing after you see your beautiful items destroyed from the high levels of mud and water left inside your house. But, life goes on, and you start repairing and replacing the damage only to have it all damaged again and again by more floods.

You thank the Good Lord that He spared your family, pets and yourself. Material things can be replaced, but a life cannot be.

About the Author:

Margaret Seiders-Metz resides in Burbank, Illinois, with her husband, Robert and their two adopted dogs, Brandi a Shepherd and Beagle mix, and Muffin, a Shih-Tzu. Margaret adopted them after God came and took Rainy and Lady up to Heaven. She takes pride in her vegetable and flower gardens and enjoys baking homemade goodies to share with her friends.

Margaret enjoys the company of her married children Marcia, Mike and Marie with their spouses John, Joanne and Ron. She is very proud of her seven grandchildren Steve, Dan, Kevin, Brian, Christina, Nick and Marissa and her great-granddaughter, Hazel.

Margaret started writing at the age of 69 and is still writing, which proves one is never too old to accomplish anything in life. She loves to write novels, poems and opinion pieces in newspapers.

(2016, Paperback, 304 pages)