Even Bullies Need Friends

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Even Bullies Need Friends
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Even Bullies Need Friends
by Natasha P. V. Paul

Now that Natasha P. V. Paul is a parent she had to deal with a situation where one of her daughters was being bullied at school. She told her daughter even bullies needs friends. Her daughter asked what do you mean by that? Natasha told her daughter the story of her friend with tears in her eyes.

Because of personal experience, most kids are afraid to tell an adult when they are being bullied. Natasha wants this book to be an example to kids and let them know it is OK to tell an adult and to let the bullies know that they dont have to hurt someones feelings in order to fit in.

About the Author:

Natasha P. V. Paul is a mother and wife. She was born in St. Georges Grenada and lived in the village of Grand Mal. She comes from a middle class family. She loves spending time with her family, helping kids and teaching them to stand up for themselves.

Natasha loves hiking, singing, swimming reading and listing to music. Now living in Toronto, Canada,

Natasha looks back at her childhood days and remembers how she witnessed her best friend, a cancer patient, being bullied and how later the bully became friends with her.

(2016, Hard Cover, 30 pages)