Even Hand: Long Live the Republic

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Even Hand: Long Live the Republic
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Even Hand: Long Live the Republic
by Boyd White

How can we confirm a mature understanding of such integral social concepts as We the People and Of the People, By the People, For the People! Respect for each independent person is conducive to civilization. We can expect that if we respect each individual, they will in turn be polite, courteous, and have good manners, which is once again conducive to civilization. We dont wish to be the source of our own misery. We should build that respect, as we desire civilization. Hence the reason for signing a power structure for authority as a contract is for the psychological purpose of asking people to exercise their liberty for the Human Race and commit themselves to civilization over something unchallenged or ill-defined. Even Hand: Long Live the Republic examines the parameters of such a hypothesis.

About the Author

Boyd White was raised on American military bases overseas. As such a great affinity was instilled for allegiance. Fortunately, he was in a situation where a republic was the form of government to which allegiance honored. It is his desire that all may have a republic so their allegiance will not be treated light and transiently.

(2009, paperback, 148 pages)