Evolutionary Revelation

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Evolutionary Revelation

Evolutionary Revelation

By: Lucia

About the Book

Evolutionary Revelation reveals new truth and wisdom for modern day people of the world regarding apocalyptic events. There is a God and a new method of pragmatic proof on Earth. Life is a journey. Think positively, and believe. God bless and save this Earth. Esparanze, hope, The Remedio. Grazie. Life is a God-given gift; respect it. Smile and read this book. It will give you answers and reveal many mysterys.


About the Author

Author, Lucia, was, and is, spiritually inspired to write Evolutionary Revelation. She is from New Jersey, born and raised from Italian parents and heritage. She cooks her recipes from her mother’s teachings and loves to dance to Latin music and listen to Italian songs. She also lived in New York. A great city. She has her cosmetology license in two states and enjoys people, laughter, and the fine arts. She’s worked in the hotel-casino business where she met many celebrities. Now, Lucia is a parapsychologist driven to help humanity. She learned a lot and is always learning, about life and people. The beaches of this Earth are a passion. Ethnic restaurants and all of God’s creatures fascinate her.


(2019, Paperback, 80 pages)

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