Exiting the Short Bus

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Exiting the Short Bus

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Exiting the Short Bus
by Dr. Jack Fellows Crews

This book is about a student who went through the public schools as a special-needs student as a result of her seizures, which inhibited her ability to gain and retain the knowledge as quickly as other students. This put her at a disadvantage in our opinion as parents; however, Kylee never saw it that way. She knew who she was and what she could do despite the challenges that were before her. Kylee would not answer the question, is the glass half full or half empty? She would ask, Does it matter?

This is a wonderful story that is filled with information many of us need to be aware of upon entering schools and communities that have special-needs students. There is a culture that has been developed among the short bussers that is truly no different from any other students. The wants and needs are similar from wanting to be liked and accepted to becoming successful.

The journey Kylee has taken provides the reader with information about desire and self-confidence that will inspire all, those with disabilities and those without any identifiable disabilities. Kylee allows us a true inside perspective of a student trapped in a system that does not provide the understanding that is needed to assist those in this arena to be accepted and successful. There is no animosity, only the hope for others without some of these barriers to be more informed and less judgmental.

(2008, paperback, 42 pages)