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by Zaida Bhika

Periods of waiting can exhaust and unnerve, leaving one drained, even frustrated. Or the experience can agitate and even overpower reason. Whatever the outcome, here unfolds the varying circumstances we all experience from time to time.

It is hoped that the in-depth analysis will provide help and enable everyone to better cope with what might happen, allowing them to avoid disappointments and setbacks.

Alternatively, the citations provide humor and can be enjoyed simply as a study of self-reflection.

Expectation unravels that part of hope that is so regular and consistent in our lives, expressing it in the form of poetry so that it can readily be enjoyed.

About the Author

Years of teaching prompted Zaida Bhikas work. She took up writing full-time, focusing on poetry, although she still tutors adults and school dropouts in her spare time.

Her love of poetry stems from her reflections on life's harmony and through it she hopes to share with others its many sides.

Living in Zimbabwe during its transitional phase, Bhika believes there is now much hope for aspiring authors.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)