Experiments of War

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Experiments of War
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Experiments of War
by Zofia Vascari

The story, Experiments of War, was written to show how important friendships can be. The trust between friends is sacred, no matter the circumstance. For trust to be broken is for two people to part. Author Zofia believes this and she, like many others, has had friends come and go. Each time she learned from the mistakes and tried to better herself for herself and her friends.

About the Author:

Zofia Vascari has been writing stories for many years. She has been publishing on some online websites for a few years. Each one of her stories, whether they are for entertaining or persuading, has personal experience included in them. Zofia believes this adds to the story makes it come to life. With Zofia, writing is not about huge plot twists or exciting cliffhangers. Its about making the story come alive. Since she was younger, she has wanted to create brand new worlds for other people to enjoy, just like one person did for her. Because of this, it has inspired her to write many wonderful and unpredictable stories that people have come to enjoy.

(2015, Paperback, 220 pages)