Fables of a Journeyman

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Fables of a Journeyman

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Fables of a Journeyman
by Bruce Ajamian

Come with me and Sail the Seas of Fate; explore the realm of Substance and Shadow. Travel back in time to North America before the European invasion, and learn a lesson in courage from a young and very reluctant hero.

Witness the art of living from a Renaissance master, or sample the wisdom of an aged Buddhist monk in a faraway monastery as you traverse the path to illumination.

My name is Bruce Martin Ajamian, and these are my Fables of a Journeyman.

About the Author

I was born with health issues into an unstable environment where emotional instability was the norm. I realized early in life that in order to acquire freedom from my physical and emotional limitations, I would need to search beyond the confines of what was normal.

The writings contained in Fables of a Journeyman are the direct result of that search.

If my efforts to shed light or put into perspective various issues governing the human condition result in the opening of just one mind, the freeing of one heart, or the enlightening of a single spirit, then my efforts are more than rewarded.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)