Facing the Enemy

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Facing the Enemy

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Facing the Enemy: A Look into One Man's Journey
by Jim Hubbard

Facing the Enemy is about true-life experiences. Jim realizes after giving his life to Jesus that the world in which he lives is controlled by groups. Because of his faith and moral principles, he finds himself under attack by local Christian congregations and other controlling entities. Because of the political clout these groups possess, Jim is left without any legal help, forcing him to depend solely on his faith in Christ.

This book gives insight on abusive behavior, the Water Garden Tragedy, and the games people play. It also gives revelation on what we may mistake as coincidence may not be but only what others want you to believe.

About the Author

Jim Hubbard, 44, has lived in Ft. Worth, Texas, his entire life. He was inspired to write this book after God allowed him to experience the abuse and hardship others are forced to endure in church and the workplace. His prayer is that those who participate in unlawful behavior, this game called the slam, will stop His hope is that a new law is put in place that will protect those who are being targeted by higher-power organizations who now use current laws to carry out criminal activity.

(2010, paperback, 198 pages)