Factory of Lies

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Factory of Lies
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Factory of Lies
by Nick C. Hutchinson

Follow Nick as he moves on to manufacturing where he has gained twenty some years of experience as an hourly associate, working a variety of positions for two different employers in the manufacturing setting.

This has given him the insight into the methods used by management to control their businesses. He shares common themes across various segments of the business community through his practical experience and knowledge by studying business methods. He has also studied class action lawsuits brought against employers who ignore the welfare of their employees by putting profits first and people last; the migration of companies moving overseas to escape regulations they find cumbersome to follow; and litigation for their outdated methods leading to health issues for their employees. The middleclass of this country has been held hostage by stagnant wages and soaring healthcare combined with heavy taxes to support the non-working class of enabled Americans who have no motivation to work.

The American dream is no longer available to the average man or woman of this once great nation. See for yourself if any of the examples described in this book ring true from your own experience. What would you do, if you faced a similar situation?

About the Author:

Nick C. Hutchinson was born and raised in Michigan. He enjoys the water wonderland by living on one of the thousands of inland lakes located in Michigan. He worked towards an Associate in Arts degree from Muskegon Community College while enjoying martial arts classes. He finished his degree there after completing a six-year obligation with the U.S. Navy, where then he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University. His history of employment begins as a gas station attendant working through his high school years to support his love of hot rod cars and dirt bikes. With experience in the insurance industry, furniture sales, bartending, and painting cars, he has gained a variety of insight on how businesses are managed.

Hutchinson has devoted his time in pursuing the American dream of climbing the corporate ladder to achieve success in the business world.

(2017, Paperback, 190 pages)