Fahrenheit Classified: The Wrath of Hellswindstaff

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Fahrenheit Classified:  The Wrath of Hellswindstaff
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Fahrenheit Classified: The Wrath of Hellswindstaff
by Tavares Rankins

As the world witnesses a series of terrorist attacks on American soil, the U.S. President relies on his best Navy Seals: Hellz, Nok and Four-Lung; known as Team Hellswindstaff. Team Hellswindstaff, known to be the most lethal soldiers in the entire world, lead three missionsGround Zero, Fahrenheit Classified and Fahrenheit Reclassified all in efforts of capturing the most wanted terrorist in the world.

In Mission Ground Zero the Seals are captured during the hunt for the most wanted terrorist. Narrowly escaping captivity, Team Hellswindstaff leads mission Fahrenheit Classified. They track the number one terrorist to a compound located in Pakistan only to have the terrorist yet again evade capture.

In Mission Fahrenheit Reclassified Team Hellswindstaff continue to track their target in the tunnel systems connected Afghanistan and Pakistan. Team Hellswindstaff believes they have successfully eliminated Usoma Bin Laden only to discover cosmetic surgeries, body doubles and a back story that leads them to familiar territory.

Fahrenheit Classified: The Wrath of Hellswindstaff begins where Fahrenheit Reclassified ended. A suicide bomber has successfully made it into the White House and stands only inches from the President. Will the President and Team Hellswindstaff finally meet their demise? Or will they finally eliminate Bin Laden? During this mission the Team uncovers more American terrorist cells, a plan to impeach the President, a plan by the U.S. Military to capture and arrest Team Hellswindstaff, and the possible death of the worlds most lethal and elite Navy Seals.

The saga continues

About the Author:

Author Tavares Rankins chose not to reveal any information regarding his personal life or background. Rankins would like to thank Dorrance Publishing, RoseDog Books and all the supporters of the Fahrenheit series. A special thanks is extended to Melissa Marie Hall.

This book is dedicated to all U.S. Soldiers, past and presentand the lives of those affected by acts of terrorism.

(2015, Paperback, 86 pages)