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by Tavares Rankins

As the world witnessed a series of terrorist attacks on American soil, the U.S. President would rely on his best Navy Seals: Team Hellswindstaff, known to be the most lethal soldiers in the entire world.

Having narrowly escaped captivity during mission Fahrenheit Ground Zero, team Hellswindstaff faced new challenges and new dangers during mission Fahrenheit Classified. Defending against terrorist attacks, protecting the American citizens and serving as personal protectors to the U.S. President, the team traveled foreign lands, exploring caves and tunnels, ultimately tracking their target and Worlds most wanted terrorist to a compound located in Abbott bad, Pakistan! Will team Hellswindstaff meet their demise during this mission? Or will the Worlds best Navy Seals continue their mission of protecting the President and the American citizens before all is lost at the hands of the most notorious terrorist (Usoma Bin Laden) and his terrorist organization?

Fahrenheit/Reclassified begins where Fahrenheit/Classified ends. Explore the mind of an elusive terrorist, his organization and their conquest to defeat America. During this mission you will uncover American terrorist cells, plots against the Mall of America, Rockerfeller Center, Alliant TechSystems Inc. (ATK) Headquarters, the MGM Grand Resort and Casino, the Department of Treasury, the White House and a plot to eliminate the U.S. President himself.

Become part of this very suspenseful, highly tactical mission to capture and eliminate the worlds number one terrorist. Or will this terrorist continue to evade capture, attack America and grow his organization? The saga continues

About the Author:

Author Tavares Rankins chose not to reveal any information regarding his personal life or background. He gives a special thanks to Melissa Marie Hall.

This book is dedicated to all U.S. Soldiers, past and presentand the lives of those affected by acts of terrorism.

(2015, Paperback, 88 pages)