Family Effects

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Family Effects
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Family Effects
by Lou Rain

Author Lou Rain wrote down her memories of growing up and believing herself to be a welfare check. Lou Rain felt it was very important to show her siblings that they were not welfare checks and, yes, they meant something to someone.

She is at a point in her life where she has finally had enough. To her, people think as long as she listens and agrees with everything they say, sympathizes with their situation and pretends nothing happens when it does. Peace will always be there!

Her family never considers the effects their actions could have on Lou Rain. Lou Rain often wonders if there was anyone in her life that she actually helped, instead of possibly forcing them into a direction that they shouldnt have been. Maybe she should have let things happen, regardless of how she felt; maybe she should have turned the other cheek.

As Lou Rain was writing this book she is trying to hold on to her sanity by hoping for understanding from everyone that reads it. Thinking that just maybe that overwhelming feeling of sadness she has inside herself, she is not alone!

(2012, paperback, 352 pages)