Family Ties at Coon Creek

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Family Ties at Coon Creek
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Family Ties at Coon Creek
by Charlene Collins

Family Ties at Coon Creek is about two families that endure hardships, separation, love and war. It takes place in the late 1800s. Though some actual events are mentioned, the characters are fictional. The bond within a family arrangement brings these two families together.

Charlene Collins hopes you enjoy this book.

About the Author

Charlene Collins has a great passion for writing and telling stories. Family Ties at Coon Creek began as an idea in a notebook and soon a story came out to play. Collins has other notebooks filled with childrens stories of adventure and make believe. Her grandchildren cannot wait for the next chapter of the books. She has also illustrated childrens books.

Growing up on a small farm, there was always an adventure going on. Besides writing, painting and quilting are Collins pastimes. Most of all, family is her number one priority.

(2014, Paperback, 96 pages)