Fangless: Book One

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Fangless: Book One
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Fangless: Book One
by Evelyn

Fangless: Book One is about a young smilodon named Fangless. Fangless was born at the Place of Thin Ice, a well known place named for the thin layers of ice that cover the deep, icy waters below. After receiving a dream given by Shashthi, the smilodon kit goddess, Fangless mother, May-Paw, must follow Shashthis instructions to give birth to Fangless at the Place of Thin Ice. If not, Fangless will meet a certain terrible fate, followed shortly after by death itself.

Soon after May-Paws kits birth, the ice breaks under both her and Fangless paws. He is swept out into the icy waters aboard a drifting sheet of ice, but miraculously survives his nightmare of a journey and is then pushed ashore. Fangless is found by an ex-mother smilodon named Flower who left her bloodthirsty clan after her cruel ex-leader named Asesino murdered her only kit for being blind and weak an outcast. Flower takes Fangless under her care and protection naming him Fangless because he was born without fangs, thus making him an outcast as well.

About the Author:

Author Evelyn was born in the year 2000 and lives in Corbett, Oregon, where she is currently attending Corbett High School. She loves animals and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Fangless: Book One is Evelyns first published book, but she plans to publish more stories in the future. Her inspiration for writing Fangless: Book One came from her love for prehistoric animals, thus giving her the idea to create this story about smilodons. Evelyn enjoys writing and wants to inspire other young people like herself to share this passion as well, and find the joy and art of writing just as she did.

(2016, Paperback, 206 pages)