Fardnock's Revenge

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Fardnock's Revenge
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Fardnock's Revenge
by J. W. Stockton

The story of Fardnock's Revenge revolves around an independent state and its people.

A large swell of land suddenly appears in the southeastern part of the United States. The size and structure of the land determines the beginning of its fate as the government declares it to be a new county, to be called the Humpback Territory. Not long after its first settlers arrive, the McNastynasty, followed shortly by the Fardnocks.

Over the years Humpback Territory's population grows, so its inhabitants decide that they should have their own form of government and economy. The establishment of business districts paves the way to the emergence of towns such as Beasley, Anvil, Greaspot. and the county seat Slidwell. The progress of Humpback makes its people even more determined to break away from the United States and declare themselves as the Independent County Nation of Fardnock, after its second batch of settlers. Because of the declaration, a war ensues between Fardnock and the federal government.

Fardnock's Revenge might appeal to readers interested in stories about fiction places and their people.

About the Author

J.W. Stockton was born at a very early age, one Halloween a long time ago in Nashville, Tennessee. He has never been convicted of a felony. He met and married Lorece Basinger, the best girl in Alabama. They have three sons, none of whom have ever been convicted of a felony.

J.W. presently resides in Central Florida. He has worked but is presently, gratefully, retired.

(2012, paperback, 632 pages)