Farewell Journey to the Promised Land

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Farewell Journey to the Promised Land

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Farewell Journey to the Promised Land
by B.L. Dowery

Experience one familys struggles during the Irish potato famine and their journey to America to create their dream. Discover the Civil War and its aftermath. Listen as the characters tell their stories of love, hate, betrayal, and salvation. Learn the unfolding story of American history and society as you see what happens to people when they are faced with the hardships and fortunes life throws at them.

About the Author

B. L. Dowery wrote this book thirty years ago and set it aside while she pursued a legal career. Dowery received a BA degree in history and government from Saint Augustines College. In 1972, she enrolled in law school at the University of Santa Clara. She retired after working thirty years for the State of New York as an assistant district attorney, a defense attorney, and a city court judge. Dowery is an avid reader of historical nonfiction and biographies. The idea for this novel came after a conversation with her grandmother concerning family history. Dowery hopes to continue the saga into the periods before and after WWII.

(2010, paperback, 270 pages)