Farmhouse Footprints

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Farmhouse Footprints

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Farmhouse Footprints
by Thomas Smith

Farmhouse Footprints is about the journey and journeys of life that we all experience. This collection of poems is rooted in descriptions of people, images, and symbols, as in the farmhouse itself. Like the leaves falling from the trees in Apple Tree Peasants, we are part of the greater forces of the universe and have a small role in mankind's passage through time. As we try to determine our own paths in life, we are constantly cognizant of our own finality. Farmhouse Footprints is a collection that reflects different stages of one persons life journey. Poems in this collection were written over time from a youthful exuberance in the 1960s to a more reflective time today, following the passing of loved ones and the decline of a family farmhouse.

About the Author

Thomas Smith was born in Pasco, Washington and grew up on a small dryland wheat farm in the Horse Heaven area southeast of Prosser, Washington. After graduating from Central Washington University with a history major and degree in education, he taught high school and middle school history, among other subjects. After completing a career in education as a teacher and school administrator, he has had more opportunity to compile this collection of poems. Written over a period of time, this collection is reflective of his background growing up in a farmhouse/country setting with the importance of family roots and traditions as a central part of his life.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)