Fast Buck the Mack

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Fast Buck the Mack
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Fast Buck the Mack
by Cleartis Wadley

I was born with bronze sandals, baby shoes, and a bronze baby ring. It made me feel like Jesus. I think Im a genie reincarnated.I also had these marks on my body. My reincarnation is one of the things that motivated me to get in trouble. When I went to prison, I hung myself. About my king being white, I didnt want them acting a fool about that. We got the bill of rights. My mothers name is Velma Robinson. They called her Little Sister. I believe I was reincarnated through her dream. She migrated from Oford Mississippi to Pittsburgh and was being a shooting star. She said she used to do the Boogie woogie and the Charleston.

About the Author

I am an artist, singer, and model. I tried to join the Marine Corp. They wouldnt let me in because as a juvenile I had a felony. I have two sons, Tony and Lonnie. Lonnie was in the navy and Tony was in the air force. Mary Watson is Lonnies mothers name, she was a council woman. Tonys mothers name is Carol Hornsby, she is a professor and preacher.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)