Fat Chance: A Story of Large Proportions!

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Fat Chance: A Story of Large Proportions!
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Fat Chance
by Leanino Haralu

For every man or woman out there who is built for comfort, this is a book of great courage, funny and bizarre situations people find themselves on their journey to self-discovery and, hopefully, Love.

As a woman whos been all shapes and sizes, the author Leanino Haralu knows firsthand what it means to feel absolutely and profoundly frustrated at yourself for reaching out for that one piece of cake you know you dont need. However, the beauty of life is, the sun will come out the next day and you will have another chance to meet break of dawn with a change in attitude. Conflicts lead to answers to a problem even though it may not be the answer you were expecting to find.

Fat Chance is truly a story of inimitable cultural and societal paradoxes that doesnt fail to mystify the best of us, but teaches us nonetheless some valuable life lessons.

(2013, Paperback, 82 pages)