Fat, Fit, and (Almost) Fifty

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Fat, Fit, and (Almost) Fifty

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Fat, Fit, and (Almost) Fifty
by Annemarie Algeo

Fat, Fit, and (Almost) Fifty is the second in a collection of books focusing on the seven deadly sins. In this book, the sin of anger is almost enjoyed by Irish-American Catholic lawyer Rosemary McFadden. Rosemary is furious at the entire legal profession, aging, weight gain, poor fashion sense, petty adults, and boredom in suburban Philadelphia. To forget her anger, boredom, and imminent fiftieth birthday, Rosemary dares herself to go way out of her comfort level of daily cocktail hours to martial arts, triathlons, and extreme exercise. The new adventures make Rosemary temporarily forget about growing old, but every muscle in her body hurts.

About the Author

Annemarie Algeo, a recovering lawyer, sometime sommelier and would-be theologian, is still enduring and somewhat enjoying her long midlife crisis, which compels her to take double-dog dares to participate in the occasional triathlon and endurance race and to purchase off-beat toys with motors. She enjoys the martial arts as a karate instructor teaching children and enjoys forcing children to sweat during push-ups.

(2011, paperback, 112 pages)