Fate is the Arbiter

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Fate is the Arbiter

Fate is the Arbiter

By: James Hughes


About the Book

The Gibbon’s family has suffered a grievous loss, and Henry Gibbons cannot get past his rage. He promises revenge and plots the alternative approaches to achieve that end. His wife Mary worries about him and his fixation. Henry, also concerned, wonders if he will have the courage to go through with his pledge. Eventually, an opportunity presents itself and he slowly warms to the idea. Perhaps finally he can get the revenge he has been seeking.


About the Author

Author James Hughes has always liked reading stories about a wrong being set right. He liked thinking of the cowboy with the white hat arriving to save the day. Perhaps fate will wear the white hat and achieve results that man cannot, but fate with its unpredictability could also serve up a curveball. Hughes was worried though on how to end the story and eliminated several options. Finally, he settled on the ending that satisfied him.


(2020, Paperback, 52 Pages)


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