Fate Unknown

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Fate Unknown

Fate Unknown

By: Leeann Lewis-Ramirez

About the Book

Fate Unknown is a novel inspired by adolescent years spent entirely in the world of fantasy. The original draft of the novel started the author’s freshman year of high school and was completed a month before graduating, with multiple edits since.

This is the story of a secret Mystic Society blending in with modern civilization. It centers on a fourteen-year-old girl’s struggle to fit into both. With a prophecy hanging over her head and a war threatening to begin, Kana Young must team up with Lost Mystics and try to fend off the first wave of darkness.

About the Author

 Leean Lewis-Ramirez, is an English teacher in central California, married to her high school sweetheart, Michael Ramirez. Ever since second grade she’s wanted to be both a teacher and a writer, completely in love with literature and the way they open portals to so many different worlds.

(2017, Paperback, 242 pages)