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by James O. and Patsy Van Luke

Rapture means to get caught up. Therefore a whole lot of catching up must be done to retrieve all that has been lost.

The Van Lukes eyes have seen, witnessed and documented on tape the spiritual return of Christ Jesus Our Redeemer along with His saints and angels. His Promise is being kept, not broken. It is a fulfilled prophecy to repair the broken covenant. (Ref. Psalms 118:24).

The authors were spiritually abducted over twenty years ago by His Light. (Ref. John 9:5, He is the light of the world. See the golden illuminated illustration).

Uplifting messages being delivered within FATHER'S LIVING WATER 2 were previously relayed unto these authors, spiritually. Minds need repair, as twisted minds will not function properly.

The urgency cannot sink in unless rapture has begun within the minds of the readers. Sadly, most of the worlds adult population who should have mature adult minds have not been made aware that they are living under that age old curse known as reprobation. (Ref. I Corinthians 2:16, Ye all have the mind of Christ.). Our mind of Christ, the positive side in us all, must become activated.

This curse that took place way back in the Garden of Eden of the Old Testament does have a cure. The Holy Bible is referenced over and over again within the contents of this book. The curse breached the original covenant between God and man thus begins the fall of man who has twisted the holy truth that all come from. (Ref. Revelations 22 and Romans 1:28).

Flesh and blood sacrifices found within the Old Testament have been highly misunderstood. Christ is the New Covenant which clarifies the misinterpretation of flesh and blood sacrifices. Only right answers, from twenty years of research, are in this well-referenced book.

(2014, Paperback, 120 pages)