The Favor

The Favor
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The Favor
by Emmett Eugene Kennedy

The Favor is a book basically written about lots of us, humans. I would describe this tale as an incident that could happen to anybody. Iím fairly certain these conditions in the story will find plenty of folks that can relate to this piece of fiction.

I have personally been in this part of America plenty of times, and the people that call this place home are just made of some strong building blocks. Itís a story that a person can read, think about, and fall asleep feeling that they know someone who has faced a similar situation. It is just a good read, easy to follow, and grab again when youíve completed it.

About the Author

Iím a product of a small city in southern Alabama called Fairhope, which was just a fine place to grow up in. In my high school years I did the usual things young guys do - play sports of various types (football being my favorite). I wasnít very good at it, but I was willing, and did my best in each game. Honor roll, hardly, but graduation did come, and Iím sure there were plenty of happy teachers when I was handed my diploma. When set free from high school I enlisted in the Navy. The Korean War took me far away for two whole years. Once released from the service, I headed out into the work-a day-world to make my riches. Thus far they have eluded this man, but Iím still out there chasing them at the moments when I can still run a bit (which isnít very often). I just hope when you read this book it hits a special place, and I believe it will. Thanks.

(2009, paperback, 254 pages)


The Favor (ebook)
The Favor (ebook)

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