The Fantasy World of Children

The Fantasy World of Children
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The Fantasy World of Children
by Patricia Elzie

Patricia L. Elzie is living in Monroe, LA, and was born to Bessie and Jessie McNeal of Hodge, LA, who are now deceased. She was born to a big family who was poor, and she always knew as a child that she was blessed with special gifts; however, she did not discover those gifts until years later. Her dream of being a writer became more prevalent as she grew older. Then at the age of thirty, she started writing stories about children, and her desire grew even more after having grandchildren of her own. Writing stories for her is like being in a classroom—the words, titles, and ideas come so easy to her mind. Writing gives her a sense of peace and eases her mind of problems in which she has faced a lot of hardships throughout her life. She finished high school in 1973 and was the first sibling out of twelve to go to college.

The ability to make children laugh is the goal that inspired her to become a writer. So many children all over the world are sad and unhappy for various reasons. If she can make them laugh and bring excitement to their lives, this in itself is more rewarding than anything else. Since she too was a child with many obstacles, trials, and hardships of life to overcome, writing children’s stories would help her become an inspiration to other children through her writing.

Dreams might appear too big for some people but for her, as for her dream, she knew believing in yourself is a step in the right direction. You too can reach that mountain if you continue to utilize the God-given abilities that he has given to each of you. Particia L. Elzie believes in her abilities, and she has enough faith to follow the path in which God is leading to make her dreams a reality.

(2011, paperback, 54 pages)

The Fantasy World of Children (PDF ebook)
The Fantasy World of Children (PDF ebook)

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The Fantasy World of Children [ePub]

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