Feelings, Feelings, Feelings

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Feelings, Feelings, Feelings
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Feelings, Feelings, Feelings
by Kathy and Karen Sills

Bobbie wakes up from a dream about the toy store. He has it in his head that his mother will take him. When she tells him no because she is too busy, he loses control of his feelings and throws a tantrum. So Bobbie must have a time-out to think about his behavior. During time-out Bobbie decides that helping his mother with chores may be a way to get to go to the toy store.

About the Author

Kathy Sills and Karen A. Sills are identical twins. They live with their mother, Sue, and their dog, Molly, in Harrisville, MS. They enjoy reading and writing. This book came about when they needed a story for their preschoolers at work; they are both Pre-K teachers. They also enjoy cooking and plan to write a cookbook called Two Heads in the Kitchen.

(2012, hardcover, 30 pages)