Femininity and / Mirror Echoes

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Femininity and / Mirror Echoes
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Femininity and / Mirror Echoes
by A. Meyer

Femininity in the abstract can be erotic, exotic, or narcotic.
The mirror exaggerates the looks, the lines, and the legend.
Flowers underscore the fleeting and mystical presence of artfulness and grace.

Femininity as a noun portraying the full extent of female talents exists
Only after Nature grants the essence, the form, and the materials in its assistance to
The miracle of life!

About the Author

Femininity is not the opposite of masculinity. Both may imply visual attractiveness and grace, together with curves in the right places. Femininity has been typified by modesty, delicacy of features and actions, warmth of personality, and the allure of a mysterious being. Annette Meyer believes these qualities are representative of the female sex.

Such qualities were present in the mother of her life, and the sisters of her mother. Annette Meyer, the child, grew up within the atmosphere of a bright yellow sunlit breakfast room, rose-splattered wallpapered bedroom ceiling, with plain and antiqued mirrors around the house.

Most of all, family love and affection pervaded the rooms, which reflected the warmth and gentleness of the female touch alongside the male counterpoint.

See Flowers, People, & Things, Edilma: On White and On Black, among other artworks with a similar focus by Annette Meyer from RoseDog Books.

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)
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