Fia and the Butterfly: 7 Stories for Character Education

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9848-1
Fia and the Butterfly: 7 Stories for Character Education
by Lonnetta Marie Taylor-Gaines In this wonderful book for children and those who care for them, you will meet eleven-year-old Fredericka Inez Anderson, an African-American girl who likes to be called Fia. It is the height of the Civil Rights Movement, and Fia is very upset because of the murderon September 15, 1963of four little girls in a church in Birmingham, Alabama. Fia is also worried because her parents have moved to a new city and she has to adjust to a new school and meet new friends. When Fia falls on the ice after school one day, her imagination transports her to a magical place where she meets a storytellerNana Beawho tells Fia seven stories that help her to feel better about her problems. Join Fia in this magical place and experience the adventures of Fia and the Butterfly: Seven Stories for Character Education. What an imagination! A marvelous, insightful spirit! What a soul! This book may have been written for children but it has a message for adults who seek the profound child within. -The Rev. C. T. Vivian, Legendary Civil Rights Activist This lovely book of allegorical stories is useful to all teachers, parents, and counselors who are concerned about the development of character in our children and our youth. I recommend it highly. -Dr. Lorraine Monroe, Founder and President The Lorraine Monroe Leadership Institute The stories are wonderful and they each have an awesome moral. They are really cool. -Seventh Grade Student ABOUT THE AUTHOR Teacher and storyteller, Dr. Lonnetta M. Taylor-Gaines was raised in Mobile, Alabama, and Louisville, Kentucky. An alumna of Fisk University, Bank Street College of Education, and the Union Institute, she has performed as a professional dancer with the companies of Eleo Pomare, Dianne McIntyre, and George Faison and with stellar jazz musicians, including Bob Cunningham, Marion Brown, and Warren Smith. Dr. Gaines lives in New York City, where she is vice president of the Lorraine Monroe Leadership Institute, consulting with principals and their teams, helping them to increase student achievement in their schools. Visit Dr. Gainess Web site at (2005, paperback, 78 pages Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.