Fibberdy Gibberdy

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Fibberdy Gibberdy

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Fibberdy Gibberdy
by Justin J. Lockhart

Fibberdy Gibberdy is essentially a story of fuzzy, weird creatures from another realm of existence called Fibberdy Gibberdies. These Gibberdies are stuck in their home realm, beyond time and space, enjoying the finer things in life and bored out of their minds. They are very tame and docile creatures, but there is one thing that changes them from harmless balls of fluff to dangerous scoundrels, and that is when someone doesnt tell the truth. With one lie, a portal opens and one particular Gibberdy gets flung out of his universe and into another.

By chance, the lie was being told by a little boy named Randall on a planet called Earth. The minute the Gibberdy lands on Earth, he congratulates Randall for setting him free before he sets out on his mission: to create as much havoc as possible. Randall discovers that the Gibberdy is invisible, so no one believes him. Now it is up to Randall to try to set things right and put the Gibberdy back in its place.

About the Author

I reside in Suisun City, California, with an adoring wife, Karen, and my dog, Meringue. I enjoy drawing and illustrating, brainstorming new ideas for stories, playing volleyball, cooking, listening to smooth jazz, and meditating. I have an associates degree in fine art from Solano Community College and also a bachelors degree from The California College of the Arts. I have published several comic books and displayed them at conventions such as Comic-Con San Diego and WonderCon in San Francisco.

(2011, paperback, 36 pages)