Final Solution to Wealth Creation Empowerment

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Final Solution to Wealth Creation Empowerment
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Final Solution to Wealth Creation Empowerment
by Dr. Isaac E. Ogbuka

Final Solution to Wealth Creation Empowerment is a revelation of supernatural dimensions. It is designed to assist you create your desired level of wealth as it combines intellectual, moral, and divine principles of wealth creating processes in its simplified form.

This book is not just about wealth creation, but also about sustainable wealth possession, quality healthy living standards, investment, and portfolio management ability. This book is a divine revelation of numerous principles of life successes in our pursuit and search for passion, destiny and happiness in life. The final solution is a roadmap that pays off with abundant results of good things of life and an insight into the laws of prosperity for mankind. It is a must read for you as it writes the history of your tomorrows successes and reverses your yesterdays failures.

About the Author

Dr. Isaac E. Ogbuka is a seasoned financial economist with over twenty years experience in retail activities in the oil and gas industry. He is an expert in business development with expertise in investment and portfolio management. His recent involvement in leadership training for graduate and undergraduate students on how to start and succeed in their own businesses and have financial freedom compelled him to search for a permanent solution to the large number of people that desire such breakthroughs to live and control their happiness in life. His contact with his man of God further compelled him into producing one single book with multiple solutions for everyone that desires exponential increase and liberation in all spheres of life.

(2012, Paperback, 164 pages)