Finally Found 1

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Finally Found 1

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Finally Found
by G.M. Sisbarro

Lani leads a quiet life as a private nurse for comatose patients. On the outside, she is professional, caring and courteous toward all her clients. On the inside, she wants much more. She longs for the romance, adventure, and passion she reads about in novels every night after work.

Then suddenly, as if she turned a page in one of her books, she discovers here latest client is the long-lost brother of billonaire Nero Whitmore, who is believed to be involved in drug running for a Colombian cartel. An air of mystery and intrigue surrounds her newest patient as she falls madly in love with everything that is so wrong.

About the Author

A native of Marco Island, Florida. Gina Marie Sisbarro has spent most of her career working in the field of sports and recreations; however, her current passion is arts and entertainment. She has authored three columns: two humorous opinion and a movie review column. She also does freelance work for her local newspaper. In addition, she has served as the theater director for youth plays and musicals on Marco Island.

She is the mother of two daughters who have inspired here to pursue her dream of writing a novel.

(2010, paperback, 320 pages)