Find Me: Jack's Story (Book One of the Soul Watcher Series)

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Find Me: Jack's Story (Book One of the Soul Watcher Series)
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Find Me:

Jack's Story

Book One of the Soul Watcher Series
by Erin White

Jack was lost when Elsie died. They had shared a lifelong bond he thought could never be broken. When an unexpected sickness took her from him, he wasnt sure how to go on. Then the haunting began and as Jack searched for Elsies ghost he found himself thrown into a terrifying world he didnt even know existed.

Jack soon discovers Elsie is not what she seemed; in fact she may not even be human. Jack and Elsie go back farther than he could ever have imagined as he discovers their souls have a supernatural tie that spans throughout different lives and eras of time. They will have to battle dark forces to save, not only their love, but the human race as well.

About the Author

Erin White lives in Oklahoma with her husband Mike and their five children. She works as an assistant at a salon in her hometown. Erin began writing as a hobby simply because she loves to read and wanted to control the story she was reading. What began as an outlet for her boredom turned into a book series. Encouraged by her husband, friends and family who fell in love with her books, Erin finally decided to publish her first book Find Me: Jacks Story. Her goal is to share her story with the rest of the world in hopes everyone else will love it as much as she and those close to her do.

(2014, Paperback, 180 pages)