Finding Kai: The Story of Kai Alexander Barraco

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Finding Kai: The Story of Kai Alexander Barraco

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Finding Kai: The Story of Kai Alexander Barraco
by Steven Barraco

In 2007 Steven and his wife Kristen were blessed with the announcement that they would be having their third child. Joy turned to fear when they were told that the baby would most likely be born with a disability. Elation and excitement were frozen and replaced by stress and anxiety. Regardless of their fear they had no doubt about the love they would give their new child. When Kai was born he brought with him a peace and serenity that calmed all fears and warmed all hearts. With just his smile Kai brought joy to everyone who met him. His parents did not know that their journey had only just begun.

About the Author

Steven Barraco was born in 1970 in the historic town of Rhinebeck in Dutchess County, New York. Steven enjoyed writing and creating cartoon animation from a young age. His family supported his creative desires and allowed him to attend art school. After graduation, Steven freelanced as a cartoonist and then created his own animated cartoon, Platty, which ran in his local paper for several years. In 2004 Steven published his first novelette, Future of the Mind, based on a short story written as a teenager. Steven now lives in Clermont, New York with his wife Kristen and two boys Ethan and Mason. Today Steven continues to express his creativity through his writing and sketching and his work as a building contractor.

(2010, paperback, 94 pages)