Finding Love and Danger in Dawsonville - eBook

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Finding Love and Danger in Dawsonville - eBook

Finding Love and Danger in Dawsonville

By: Mary Shannon Akins

About the Book

Shannon Wilson, a teacher living in Manhattan, applies for a job in the state of Vermont and gets the teaching position. Excited about the new job, Shannon packs her belongings and moves to Dawsonville.

                It takes two weeks for Shannon to find what she believes is the perfect home – not knowing what secrets the house and property around it hold. Strange things begin happening right away, including a message on her mirror warning her to “beware” and the appearance of the ghost of a smiling, blonde-haired woman, leaving Shannon confused and afraid.

                With the help of her new boyfriend, Mark Davis, the two of them start to investigate the cause of the strange occurrences in her home. But when the two of them find themselves in real danger, what they discover is just the beginning.


About the Author

Mary Shannon Akins grew up in Randolph County, Alabama, near the Georgia line: a small community with many farms in the area. Akins loved playing outside as a child. She could be found under a shady tree reading in the summertime. She always had a book with her wherever she was.

                After graduating high school, where she studied forestry, Akins went on to a junior college where she studied some more for two years. She met her husband during this time. They dated for two years before getting married in 1991. They had their only child, a son, in February 1994. Akins, her husband, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson currently live in Carroll County, Georgia.

                Before becoming an author Akins worked a forestry job as a park ranger, on an assembly line, and retail jobs. She is working on a second book at the moment and hopes that anyone who enjoys reading will consider writing a book as well. Akins encourages anyone who has a story to tell to do so. Finding Love and Danger in Dawsonville is dedicated to her late parents, Mary Jean and Ralph Brooks, who were always her encouragement.


(2018, eBook)