Finding Rose

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Finding Rose
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Finding Rose
by Judy Godfrey

Sometimes when we wax nostalgic, interesting truths rise from the secrets of the long forgotten past. Finding Rose reflects the sorrow and heartache, joy and pleasure, gifts and achievements, enjoyed by the mother, Rose, and how those intertwined with and influenced the daughter, Jean.

At her mothers death, Jean is left with questions. Did Rose love her brother more than Jean, or was Jean simply more mischievous and thus in trouble more? After the birth of Jeans daughter, what about the dream that began to haunt her? Rose seemed so ordinary, but in retrospect, Jean discovers her to be anything but ordinary. A journey that seemed to be falling apart has instead come together in this writing.

About the Author

Author Judy Spicer Godfrey was born in Wisconsin and grew up in northern Minnesota and South Dakota. She has four grown children and seven grandchildren, all of whom are the impetus for the writing of this book.

During the 1970s Judy was a singer-songwriter and cut two record albums, Mothers Prayers and Whatll We Leave the Children? In the 80s, Judy left that field to pursue a career allowing her to be close to home and her children. She returned to college, finished a BA in English and taught Junior High English and High School Speech/Drama for fifteen years in Arthur, Illinois. Upon reflection, she realized a lot of her accomplishments mirrored her own mothers accomplishments, even though her mother didnt live to see anything but the Mothers Prayers album.

(2014, Paperback, 130 pages)