First Day at Bouddi School

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First Day at Bouddi School
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First Day at Bouddi School
by Debra Bourke
Illustrated by Ray B. Cowley

The author, Debra Bourke, had a vision for a long time to write a childrens book involving some Australian animals and situated at and around Little Beach. Family holidays were at Little Beach and other coastal areas.

Little Beach is a swimming beach in Bouddi National Park, located at the Central Coast, N.S.W., Australia. Bouddi is the local Aboriginal name for the area. The park contains approximately 1189 hectares of spectacular coastal landforms and environments. There is a large number of plant life in the park, including palm-dominated open forests in sheltered gullies and open heath and low, open woodland on perched sand dunes. Tall open forest is characteristic of the lower slopes and valleys. A large number of different species of animals live in the park as well as in the sea.

The long track down to Little Beach was narrow and windy in parts and picturesque. The different bird sounds, as well as the sea, entertain you along the way. The beach is surrounded with rocks and a hill on either side, with some curved caves at the base. Crabs hide in the rock pools, thinking they cannot be seen, while the starfish parade quite proudly. The crystal-clear rock pools can be freezing at times, like sitting in a tub of ice.

Debras inspiration for this book came from her love and a lifetime of very fond memories of the sea, Phil, children Chad Waden, Allira, and Ashley, her parents Harry and Mavis, and all their family and friends, including their dearest friends Merve and Helen.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)