Flame Beat: The Phantom Files

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Flame Beat: The Phantom Files

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Flame Beat: The Phantom Files
by Tori Switzer

All Bree ever wanted was to fit in, to get past the barrier that separates her from her classmates, and get by the fights that pick up at her house constantly. Too bad she sees and talks to ghosts. But if she thought she had problems before, just wait until a ghost winds up in her room, telling her that something dark and sinister is waiting to strike on Halloween.

In a race against the passing of time, Bree recruits a few friends who each have their own abilities, each distinct and one so powerful that it cannot be explained. Bree and her comrades come to learn that not everybody has the same beliefs, which can cause communication gaps, and in a world where you can feel so alone, someone else is always there.

So much for being normal.

About the Author

Tori Switzer was fifteen years old when she started working on the project Flame Beat: The Phantom Files. At age sixteen, she completely finished the manuscript when she sent it to only two publishing companies, becoming accepted by both. She decided on Dorrance Publishing, whose staff and whole company are to be praised upon for their generosity.

Tori is currently attending high school, is a senior Girl Scout, and she has her silver award and is currently working on her gold. She specializes in archery, shoots three different kinds of bow, and enjoys hunting with her father. She lives in Pennsylvania with her parents and her brother, Tony. This is her first novel.

(2010, paperback, 160 pages)