Flowers, People, & Things

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Flowers, People, & Things

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Flowers, People, & Things
by Annette Meyer

TOP/DOWN or Side-to-Side
LINE/MASS or White-to-Black
YOUNG/OLD or Naked-to-Dressed
The message on paper
Seeks to sing the fragrance of flowers
Looks to caress the contours of people
Dares to undermine the soul of things

Impossible tasks, which cannot succeed;
And, instead, are surrounded by color and line.
Focus on the doughnut, and not upon the hole
is a frequent say.
Focus on the hole, as well as upon the whole
I say.
To find the precious ring of earthly joy,
It must be sought within the carousel of life.

About the Author

As in music, Annette Meyer believes that art has its different harmonies, melodies, and rhythms. The author states that Flowers, People, & Things is the result of contrasting vivid strokes of color, the melody, with more subtle shades, the harmony, against harsh white or black space.

A Meyer intends the melody or flow of a single page to permeate or to be reflected in later pages of the work. The vibrant sound and subtle passages of a Beethoven symphony or a Chopin ballade can be transformed into colors in contrast or in harmony with brush on paper. Sharp black lines on white or delicate white lines on black space serve to accentuate the rhythm of the work even as the beating of a drum in a musical orchestration. A Meyer is deeply committed to the thought that for a painting to have meaning to the viewer, it should ring a bell, or better still, it should sing!

(2011, paperback, 46 pages)
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