Fly Away Balloon

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Fly Away Balloon

Fly Away Balloon

By: Mr. Huppaloo and Miss Penny

About the Book

Remember watching your balloon drift away into the sky? Losing a balloon can be a sad experience. Most of us have had a balloon fly out of sight. Fly Away Balloon is the tale of a lost balloon taking you high up into the sky. Your new best friend balloon visits your tree fort and your room! At bedtime as night falls, you gaze at the moon together. When it's time for your balloon to fly away. 

Where does it go?......... Is it ok?......... Am I going to see my balloon again?

Now, we all can know where our balloons went when they became a 

Fly Away Balloon

Never let go again!


About the Author

Mr. Huppaloo follows a word focus rhythm for visual reading. He incorporates age-appropriate relatable words into a classic children's book style. Born near the Canadian border in the winter of 1981 and raised on Dr. Seuss by his mother, he developed the awareness of simplicity. Drawn to famous poets in his teen years, Mr. Huppaloo continued to develop his natural writing ability. One fall day his youngest son Austin lost a balloon and to hold back his tears Mr. Huppaloo began to wave goodbye to the balloon. Austin stopped crying and the father and son duo waved goodbye to the balloon. A number of years later, Mr. Huppaloo met the artist known as Miss Penny who helped him develop the wonders you see today! 

(2019, Hardcover, 30 pages)

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