Foggy Din

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Foggy Din

Foggy Din

By: Terance Blon

About the Book

Foggy Din represents Terance Blon’s life-long passion for story- telling based on a life filled with diverse experiences. It is a story inspired by unexplained mysteries and the ironic space between good and evil. It tells a story of true love surrounded by betrayal, greed, violence, and dark, shadowy secrets. It is a story about the triumph of a true love that transcends the frailty of human limitations.

About the Author

Terance Blon has worn many hats: U.S. Army Medic, printer, minister, social worker, and counselor. Now in the silver age of retirement, he envisions himself as a mystical dreamer who loves to tell stories. Many experiences and significant relationships have taught him to believe in the restorative power of true love.

                Blon lives with his wife Dorothy near the shores of Lake Erie, where on a crisp sunny morning one can see the blue sky meet the horizon on the lake and feel the beauty of nature and the wonder of life. When a bone chilling fog rolls in on the lake, one can sense the mystery of the unseen.

(2019, Paperback, 216 Pages)


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