Folktales of Love From China 1

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Folktales of Love From China 1
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Folktales of Love from China
by Chiu Yong Poon

Why did the casting of the miraculous medal and the making of the statue of the virgin of the Globe cause St. Catherine Laboure so much anguish? What hints at this answer? Read this book in relation to its first edition, published in China in 1989; the second edition adds material from the Cultural Exchange to every folktale of the first edition. This second edition, painstakingly designed and carefully constructed, encourages Bible Study and can enrich the readers appreciation of Marian apparition Shrines.

-Read the book! It has substantial content! The works have a strong flavor of common peoples literature.

About the Author:

Chiu Yong Poon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Taiwan Normal University. He has previously published A Complete English Grammar with Emphasis on Use of Nouns.

(2017, Paperback, 550 pages)