Followship: The Road to Real Discipleship

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Followship: The Road to Real Discipleship

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Followship: The Road to Real Discipleship
by Chris Wales

Discipleship is an identity, not an activity. Disciples follow Christ for a lifetime as they walk down the road to real discipleship.

God wants every believer to live a transformed life. A commitment to following Christ is the first step to spiritual transformation. Following Christ creates an intimacy with Christ that allows believers to become true disciples.

Using the discipleship model Jesus used with His first disciples, Chris Wales identifies the characteristics that develop a life of genuine spiritual transformation. Disciples exhibit a spiritual identity by manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit through a Spirit-led lifestyle. Daily application of the Fruit of the Spirit creates a life of consistent followship. Allow the principles of followship to impact your life so you will live on the road of to real discipleship.

About the Author

Chris Wales is the founder and director of Difference Makers Ministries, Inc., in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a discipleship-driven ministry dedicated to teaching believers how to truly follow Christ. For the past thirty years, Chris has taught and preached the Gospel of Christ Jesus as a pastor and Bible teacher. Chris has a passion for discipleship ministry. His hearts desire is to teach believers the principles of followship so they can live a kingdom lifestyle that enables them to make a spiritual difference in the world. To learn more about Difference Makers Ministries, Inc., write:
Difference Makers Ministries, Inc., P.O. Box 2083, Lake Charles, LA 70602
Or send an e-mail to

(2009, paperback, 116 pages)